Bridging the Experience Gap with Bob Ambrogi

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Librarians are taking on more of the business side of our firms. We’re really looking at, how do we make everyone more efficient? How do we get the right information without duplication? How do we create budgets?

Greg Lambert, JD
President of the American Association of Law Librarians
Chief Knowledge Services Officer, Jackson Walker

Our job is to understand a myriad of changing rules and procedures and then communicate with the lawyers about what those rules say and don’t say, and how to follow them.

Elaine Screechfield
President of the National Docketing Association
Firmwide Litigation Docket Manager, Morrison & Foerster

The core skill is thinking about how to use technology. This doesn’t mean building a solution, but looking at what our technology does, and finding any holes, and figuring out how we can plug them.

Gary Melhuish
President of the International Practice Management Association
Manager of Litigation Support Services, Ballard Spahr

The core skill? Probably humility: right now in the industry there’s a lot of pressure to offer simple, sweeping solutions. But most of those technologies are just not there yet. If you want to really add value, you need to stay laser focused on your core competencies.

Gavin McGrane, JD
ABA Journal Legal Rebel
CEO, PacerPro


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