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Why Use PacerPro? This was the topic of an hour- long panel moderated by legal technology writer Bob Ambrogi and comprised of Quinn Emanuel’s library director, Schulte Roth’s managing clerk, and a senior legal secretary at Susman Godfrey. Highlights follow. The full broadcast is available here.

Reduce PACER Fees

Mr. Ambrogi: Dale, you’re a library director at Quinn Emanuel. What got you interested in PacerPro?

Mr. Jachlewski: Cost savings. That was the first thing that appealed to me, and I took it to my COO, and it’s sorta like pulling teeth to get them to approve new subscriptions. So the big selling point for my boss was cost savings.

Mr. Ambrogi: What have you seen in terms of the cost issue?

Mr. Jachlewski: About 25 to 30 percent…I took a look at the bills, and [previously] we did have those multiple downloads.

Dale Jachlewski, Quinn Emanuel. LISTEN.

Save Time

“If you have never tried to download 44 exhibits plus a main document, you just haven’t lived yet. It can take forever. And because we have some heavy rainmakers here who have lots of cases there are some secretaries who bog down all day with ECFs. We actually have administrative assistants here who spend a lot of their day doing nothing but downloading ECFs, changing the name, putting them back in an email, and sending them back to the secretary [for distribution to the trial team]. [With PacerPro] that has been virtually eliminated.”

Peggy Wallace, Susman GodfreyLISTEN.

Improve Workflow

“I had an e-filing a couple weeks ago, it was late at night, it was a little before midnight, we had a deadline. I texted [the partner] once I had e-filed the document, and I’m like, ‘did you get the PacerPro hit?’ and he was like, ‘yes, it’s awesome.’”

Evan Melluzzo, Schulte Roth. LISTEN.

Keep the whole office happy

“My boss is happy, which is good. The attorneys love the ECF alerts and the tracking. And the paralegals love the bulk download. I haven’t had any negative feedback at all. I mean literally, nobody. People want to buy drinks for Gavin when he’s in town.”

“We’re pretty happy with it. It’s like, where have you been all our lives?”

Dale Jachlewski, Quinn Emanuel. LISTEN.


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