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Unleash the power of your collective experience to deliver greater client value

Clicking hyperlinks and downloading documents isn't just a pain—it causes case team delay, distraction and risk. It also saddles knowledge management teams with non-standard naming conventions and incomplete data sets. Find out how PacerPro can help.
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Automate your workflow
PDF2Go provides real-time delivery of PDF copies of new court filings to case teams
  • Filings are delivered within 1-2 minutes of the court notice
  • Customizable naming conventions
  • Available for all district, bankruptcy and appellate courts

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Automate your data collection
Captures all your firm’s federal filings and associated metadata and systematically stores them to the correct workspace on your DMS or experience-capture platform
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Delivers comprehensive, uniform data throughout your firm
  • Enhances the value of your DMS or experience-capture platform

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One search, hundreds of courts
Get the real-time access to the complete federal court record you need in the user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective system you want
  • Enhanced search to quickly find cases and generate litigant profiles
  • SmartDocket for easier document and party access
  • Intelligent tracking to stay up to date, automatically

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Success Stories
  • A plug for PacerPro. It emails you PDFs from ECF notices automatically. Don't know how I lived without it.
    Sean Marotta

    Hogan Lovells
  • The attorneys very quickly started to see the value and [PacerPro] sort of spread like wildfire.
    Patricia Barbone
    Director of Library Services
    Hughes Hubbard & Reed
  • Relying on individuals to send you information doesn’t give you the best capture rate. We need to see everything, so automating is a huge benefit.
    Elaine Screechfield
    Firmwide Litigation Docket Manager
    Morrison & Foerster
  • PacerPro instantly made life so much better and easier for our attorneys and staff. Services this good don’t usually pay for themselves, but that’s exactly the product PacerPro has built.
    Jake Walker

    Block & Leviton
  • Just last night, I filed several documents in SDNY, and the attorney immediately reached out to me to tell me how cool PacerPro is. If you have been in the business as long as I have, you know that is a big deal.
    Evan Melluzzo
    Director of Docketing and Court Services
    Schulte Roth & Zabel
  • If you have not used PacerPro, they are great. They bring bankruptcy and district court dockets alive to get you the real info you need. Added bonus - my assistant is happy because she has to spend less time downloading documents from PACER.
    Jeffrey Vanacore
    Senior Counsel
    Perkins Coie
  • Vendors often talk about how you’ll get champions. But that doesn’t always pan out. With PacerPro, we had [attorneys across the board, partners especially,] stepping forward to say, ‘This saves us a lot of time.’ ‘It helps in communication.’ ‘I would be glad to talk to any of my colleagues.’
    Brian Blaho
    National Manager of Research Services
    Reed Smith
  • The benefit of PacerPro is everybody’s on the same page, even if they’re located in different offices. The attorneys don’t want to find out later that one of their colleagues was on top of something they didn’t know about.
    Brian Boyle
    Associate Director of Knowledge & Research Services
    Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel
  • PacerPro will educate you about the 21st century practice of law. Don't fall years behind.
    Steven Ludwig

    Fox Rothschild
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