PacerPro Manifold

Automate your data collection 

Captures all your firm’s federal filings and associated metadata and systematically saves them to the correct workspace on your DMS or experience-capture platform

Key Benefits
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Delivers comprehensive, uniform data throughout your firm
  • Enhances the value of your DMS or experience-capture platform

Standardized records

PacerPro Manifold standardizes the format of your records and data to make them readily available and easy to use

PacerPro's software:
  • Inspects and captures the metadata contained in the federal court Electronic Case Files (ECF) system
  • Associates that metadata to every filing in your firm's cases
  • Delivers documents to their correct client-matter workspace on your system
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PacerPro supports all major 
document management systems

Comprehensive data library

PacerPro Manifold creates a comprehensive library of your federal court data that unlocks access to your firm's collective experience 
PacerPro’s Manifold API:
  • Ensures collection and archiving of all your federal cases
  • Enables easy and consistent access across your firm
  • Makes answers readily available to those who need them
Endless configuration with 
our technology partner.
Endless configuration with our technology partner.
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