PACER Overlay

One search, hundreds of courts

Get the real-time access to the complete federal court record you need in the user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective system you want

Key Features
  • Enhanced search to quickly find cases and generate litigant profiles
  • SmartDocket for easier document and party access
  • Intelligent tracking to stay up-to-date, automatically

Enhanced search

PACER is the only complete, fully up-to-date resource. But finding cases can be time consuming and inefficient. Use PacerPro’s overlay to:
  • Search multiple courts at once
  • Unlock the power of Case Locator nationwide search
  • Easily generate comprehensive litigant and attorney profiles
  • Obtain thorough research using superior filters
  • Download shareable results

Smart Docket

Spend your time reading filings, not downloading them.
  • Docket filters enable you to quickly navigate long docket sheets
  • Download up to 100 documents at once
  • Customized naming conventions available
  • Auto-generate a table of contents for pleadings binders
  • Auto-generate service lists
  • Free archive eliminates double download costs

Intelligent tracking

Need to stay up to date on a docket? PacerPro tracks automatically redline docket sheets, delivering a summary of new and changed entries right to your email inbox
  • Tracks available daily, every-other-day, weekly, and monthly
  • Distribution lists keep the whole team up-to-date
  • Administrative console provides record of last activity to help you manage the firms PACER bill.
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