State Courts

Automate Your State Court Data Workflow
StatePro is an extension of PacerPro that provides reliable access to your state court filings. As the industry leader, we’re able to partner with File & Serve Xpress and other providers for access to these new courts.

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State Court Filings Delivered Through Strategic Partnerships and Deep Integrations

Read more about how PacerPro works with File & ServeXpress. Additionally, we partner with leading state court systems to ensure industry leading access to state court filings.

we never stop looking for opportunities to make eFiling easier for everyone, We’re so proud to partner with PacerPro and, as always, we’re excited to serve the judicial and legal communities
Tammy Carter
CEO of File & ServeXpress


Automate your workflow
PDF2Go provides real-time delivery of PDF copies of new court filings to case teams


Automate your data collection
Captures all your firm’s federal filings and associated metadata and systematically stores them to the correct workspace on your DMS or experience-capture platform
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