PacerPro data powers smart, competitive and budget conscious law firms

The data you need to compete

Get easy access to federal court data:
  • Judges your firm has appeared before
  • Clients your firm has represented
  • Parties involved in your matters
  • Lawyers and firms in your cases
  • Case filings for all your matters
  • Pleadings, motions, briefs and orders
  • Case types your firm has handled
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Stop looking, start finding

Case teams with access to their firm’s collective experience create better work product and smarter case strategy
  • Eliminates redundant and wasteful work
  • Quickly gets associates, laterals and remote employees up to speed
  • Enables rapid targeting of internal expertise
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Better records also mean better pitches

  • Reduce “pardon the interruption” emails
  • Provide specific evidence of relevant experience
  • Quickly identify your firm’s go-to experts
Learn about our Manifold API

Automation means lower costs and better risk management

  • Reduce repetitive work
  • Free teams to work on higher value tasks
  • Eliminate delay and frustration
See how we help Case Teams

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